Bad BoatsĀ  * 34:10

BAD BOATS 1990 Fuel Hydro Drag Boats in spectacular racing at Firebird Lake, Phoenix, AZ. Kyle Walker, Ron Braaksma Freddie Bray, Tom Black in Top Fuel Hydros compete in the Most Dangerous of all Motorsports.
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GRRRRREEEAAATTT! It really puts to shame anything we have seen so far from the others”. Captain Rickey

“One of the most electrifying tapes I have ” VAPOR TRAILS

Bad Boats 2 * 34:10

BAD BOATS 2 1991
Exciting drama at Firebird Lake.Kyle Walker duels Tom Black and Ron Braaksma.Freddie Bray defends his World Title. Wild side by side racing. Wrecks, Crashes, Fires, in an anthology of a wild and dangerous motorsport. And, no one was killed.
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Photos: Gil Rebilas