First ever DRAG RACING videos


Funny Car Experience * 37:50

The ORIGINAL, FIRST ever Drag Racing Video, 1986. NHRA Funny Cars: Al Segrini, Frank Hawley, Al Hofmann, Dale Pulde, Chuck Etchells, Nick Boninfante, John Force, Bobby Lagana, Frank Kramberger, Jerry Caminito, and Kenny Bernstein. Roger Gustin. Tim Grose. Sku# 1027
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“His are a fresh set of eyes looking at our sport.”

“Fast-paced and well edited.”

“The video shows so much enthusiasm.”


Nitetime Fuel & Fire * 28:49

FUEL & FIRE 3 MOTO AWARDS1986 The CLASSIC. First video record of Fuel Funny Cars in full pass night racing at E-town.Today— legendary racers.Once they ruled the quartermile. John Force, Gary Burgin,Jerry Caminito, Bruce Larson,Frank Kramberber, RC Sherman, Al Hofmann, Al Segrini. Nick Boninfante.
Sku# 1027
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—-Winnerr-1986 Suffolk Film and Video Festival -1988 MOTO Award

“It’s impressionistic, unloads high energy, and places emphasis on excitement. That’s Main Event and that’s Nitetime Fuel & Fire.” Chris Martin, NAT’L DRAGSTER:

“It’s like being there.” POPULAR HOT RODDING:
“The action never stops…and when it’s finally over, you can’t wait to watch it again.” Bruce Bennett, SUPER

Funny Car Knights * 48:15

FUNNY CAR KNIGHTS Firebird Night of Thrills. Nitro Funny Cars in 8-car full pass racing. John Force, Jim Murphy and Johnny West. West Coast Nitro-flamed Funny Cars Match Race—Cackle Sounds in Stereo.-Smokey Burnouts, Intense Dry Hops. Racing into darkness.
Sku# 1014
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“A winner from start to finish.”

“It’ll Blow your mind.”

Don Prieto, DRAG RACER Magazine

Nitro Heat * 37:23

Pro East Coast Nitro Funny Cars in Match Races. Stars Jerry Caminito, Chuck Etchells,D.A. Santucci, Dale Pulde, TimGrose, Bruce Larson, Kenny Bernstein, Tom Hoover, Gary Densham, Frank Kramberger.
Sku# 1027
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Brute Force * 59:16

BRUTE FORCE 1986 TELLY AWARD WINNER. John Force in the 1980’s is oly a match race champion without an NHRA win. The lean 1980s show the passion in pursuit of an NHRA championship. In 1986 John candidly opens up. Raw and powerful. Astonishing, he predicts his future. Sku# 1014
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“The best piece ever done on John Force.”

Jeff Burk, Publisher,

Photos: Dave
Milcarek, Gil Rebila

Photos: Dave Milcarek, Gil Rebila

1988 Video that changed Drag Racing TV Presentation

PEOPLE Magazine Senior Editor, Ralph Novak highly reviewed video in a mainstream popular magazine.

“Dean uses his seven cameras with considerable imagination”. Ralph Novak, Senior Editor,PEOPLE Magazine
“The only thing that would make this movie better for drag racing fans is a nitro airwick on top of the TV.“ Steve Collison, SUPER STOCK
“For many, drag racing is an exciting, sensual, loud, noisy, sexy, visceral experience, and Main Event has taken the lead in presenting that aspect of the sport.” Chris Martin, Senior Editor, NATIONAL DRAGSTER
“The techniques used by Main Event Entertainment bring these warriors directly into your living room. Don Prieto, DRAG RACER
The pioneering owner of Main Event Video revolutionized drag racing photography. A master at achieving outlandish camera angles and Innovative close-ups.” Gray Baskerville, Senior Editor HOT ROD MAGAZINE